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CIANG Stoves Ltd is considered one of the worlds top cast-iron stove OEMs & ODMs for brands and distributors alike. With three automatic foundry production lines, we are capable of manufacturing more than 500 tons of top quality cast-iron products every month. 

Our enamel stoves are some of the most high-end in the European market. The finishing of our enamel stoves is much better than the market average, and the glossiness of our colours is astonishing. Top selling colours include ebony, ivory and majolica brown.

As a leading ODM with more than 10 years professional experience in the stoves industry, many of our staff live overseas investigating market trends so that we can launch 10 to 20 new self-innovated traditional and contemporary products every year. This is ideal for our clients wanting to reduce their R&D spend.

As a leading OEM, we defined ourselves as "your factory". Our R&D team has worked very closely with clients all over the world. We send you our people not only to initiate the partnership, but also to collaborate face to face with your team over the long term, in order to solve problem more efficiently and push your projects forward. 

With the highest respect for intellectual property, we not only offer an OEM service but promise to provide a special service for brands and distributors as well if they want to sell their own branded products exclusively in their market. You will never find your products on sale with someone elses logo on it.

All our stoves are designed according to CE standard EN13240 and smoke emission standard BS3841-2, and approved by global certification testing centers such as SGS, KIWA and TUV.